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As promised, here’s my Pinterest board. It has cool creations from all areas.

Make sure you keep checking it out to see lots of new ideas and things you can try yourself!


Handmade Research

Hello Fidgets

It has been quite a while since I posted and that was due to research. I have been casting my eye across sites and chatting away to creative types to see what’s about and of interest. I have seen lots of cool things including people who have turned existing products into something exciting, they didn’t build it from scratch but had the vision and creativity to use their hands and make something brand new.  I have also been sourcing pictures, videos and ideas from all around and I will soon be posting it them all up for your perusal.

Your views and comments will be much appreciated!


Hello Fidgets

Welcome to MadeLoveliness, the blog that shows creative work from all around the world so that we can can learn, try and appreciate the sheer talent that exists. With a world obsessed with mass production, it’s important that we don’t lose our skills and the abilities to imagine and make it happen. This blog will look at products, designs and inspirations from all over the world so that we can learn and pull together elements and make something beautiful for our little worlds

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